• A new geo-magmatic technology that generates electricity through a thermal process by inserting the Tube into the earth via a well bore.
  • The Powertube is a patented clean energy technology which is a self contained, closed loop geo-thermal power plant.

Points of Interest

  • Uses the heat of the earth.
  • Requires no water.
  • No pollution emitted.
  • No carbon foot print.
  • Cost effective compared to other green energy.
  • No grid required.
  • Operates under a five year service period 24/7/365 under remote supervision.
  • After the initial deployment the tube is replaced in an eight hour procedure.
  • A 10 meter by 10 meter housing footprint covers the unit.
  • 1, 5 and 10 megawatt tubes will be available.
  • The United States Air Force is scheduled to test and certify the Tube.
  • Testing will be conducted in a missile silo in Oklahoma.

Argus Power Tube


The Argus Power Tube

  1. PLC:

  2. Satellite control of all aspects of the unit to ensure optimal performance.

  3. Super Cooling Condenser Driver:

  4. This chamber further cools the working fluid.

  5. Condenser:

  6. Working fluid is cooled by fans circulating ambient air.

  7. Turbine/Generator:

  8. Working fluid vapor powers the turbine, which turns the in-line DC generator.

  9. Heat Exchanger:

  10. Transfers heat from the Thermal Riser fluid to the working fluid (Isobutane). Builds vapor pressure to power the turbine.

  11. Thermal Riser:

  12. Extracts heat from the earth. Hot fluid is pumped into the heat exchanger and then re-circulated back down. (Not needed in natural hot spots).